Application for Yamaya USA

Eco Safe Systems USA has installed products successfully for Yamaya USA, Inc. in the seafood industry. To supply the most effective results possible, Eco Safe has provided the company with the R-1000 system, which is designed to be attached to any sink system and is suitable for surface and general cleanup as well as disinfection.

Yamaya application

Application of the R-1000 System

Yamaya USA Inc. is a meat and seafood manufacturing company located in Torrance, CA. Currently, Yamaya uses their Eco Safe system mainly to wash seafood to aid with the production and handling of cod roe, or fish eggs.

Raw, untreated seafood often comes with the risk of bacterial infections such as listeria, and as such, all seafood must be decontaminated and disinfected before it arrives at the consumer level. Eco safe utilizes ozone in an aqueous solution for superior sterilization. Ozonated water has been proven to be an extremely powerful method of cleansing seafood of pathogens in a completely organic manner that leaves no chemical residues and does not harm the consumer. It is 3100 times stronger than chlorine and has a rapid, wide range effect that eliminates salmonella, E. Coli, shigella and other foodborne diseases. In addition, ozone is especially effective against nodavirus, a prominent issue that surfaces with fish eggs. The use of ozonated water provides an extension of shelf life, important for seafood which easily spoils.

With ozonated water, Yamaya achieves maximum sanitation levels. The company’s facilities have found that Eco Safe successfully and consistently destroys bacteria, allowing the company’s safety concerns to be largely alleviated. Yamaya has stated that they are satisfied and happy with the Eco Safe product and will continue to use it in the future to maintain the quality of their seafood and workplace.