Ozone Food Disinfection for the Seafood Industry

Fish Wash

Our ozone wash-down systems are currently in use in numerous seafood food processing applications such as retail fish markets, wholesale seafood plants and commercial fishing boat fleets. Water is pumped through the Ozone wash-down system and mixed with Ozone. Ozonated water is then sprayed as a disinfectant directly onto the cleaning surface or product upon demand, destroying pathogens and bacteria which cause spoilage, giving greater shelf life, saving money, and reducing liability by destroying deadly bacteria.

Our seafood processors use the MD-1500 for this purpose. The MD-1500 integrates directly into the water supply for the operation and can deliver ozonated water throughout the plant.

Fish Wash Pool

Ozone dissolved in water oxidizes pathogens for superior disinfection. Ozone destroys dangerous pathogens like salmonella, listeria. E.-coli, and shigella resulting in food that is safer to consume. Ozone also reduces bacteria that cause product shrink, actually increasing the amount of product you ship.

Fresh and frozen fish can be washed and thawed with ozonated water prior to processing, refrigeration, storage, or packaging. The use of ozone will remove all the offensive odors common to seafood. It should be noted that the USDA has certified the use of ozone on products labeled "organic" with no labeling requirements in regard to treated product.

Eco Safe Installation at Seafood Processing Plant

University Reports

University Report on Seafood Safety

This report from scientists at the North Carolina State University Seafood Laboratory relates the general effectiveness of Ozone in increasing the shelf-life and decreasing the spoilage of seafood products. They also observed that the positive qualities of appearance and aroma of the fish were not altered by application of Ozone.


Shelf-Life Extension Up to 14 Days

This report focuses on Ozone Applications for Commercial Catfish Processing and contrasts the benefits of Ozone with the dangers from the use of chlorine. Most impressively, these researchers reported filets washed with Ozonated water had a useful shelf-life of 14 days.