Food Processing

Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems Advantages for Food Processors

Food processingFood processing operations have been liable for a significant fraction of food-borne illness outbreaks.  For this reason, food processors tend to be more aware of their responsibility for food safety.  This makes the advantages of ozone being the strongest, safest, and fastest disinfection agent available quite attractive to the food processing industry.  Food processors are also subject to local health department regulations requiring National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) registration for equipment used in their facilities, which is proudly displayed on all our food industry systems.  For all of these reasons and more, food processing companies have been the most progressive in adopting Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems.

Since shelf life is so significant for supermarkets, food processors realize that by utilizing ozone disinfection they are providing a value-added product to their clients.  In fact when discussing the ROI with a prospective seafood processing client, it was pointed out to him that for the volume of seafood he regularly processed, he would only need to increase the price of his product by a penny per pound to pay for his system.  Upon realizing this, he said, "No, I'll charge 25 cents extra per pound."  Higher quality seafood commands higher prices, and days of extended shelf life are well worth a slightly higher price.

The food industry is becoming aware of the many limitations and detractions of the likes of chlorine disinfection, and are actively seeking alternatives to the usual chemical disinfectants.  After a fresh fruit processor switched from a chlorine system to Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection for the usual reasons of safety, reduced cost, and increased shelf life, they later mentioned that since switching to the use of ozone, they haven't had any incidence of bacterial contamination of their floor drains, which had always been a problem in the past.

Meat and seafood processing plants have historically had serious issues with odor control stemming from bacterial decay.  The use of ozonated water in plant cleanup eliminates these odors immediately as it destroys the bacteria.  And this in turn benefits the workers in such facilities.  The owner of a major seafood processing plant in Santa Barbara, California told Eco-Safe that he documented 60% fewer employee sick days after our system was installed.  And the owner of a major seafood processing operation in Atlanta, Georgia said at a recent professional meeting that the Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection System he purchased was the best investment he has made for food safety and brand protection.

Commissaries are also primary beneficiaries from ozone disinfection.  After a commissary in Los Angeles installed an Eco-Safe system, they no longer had any returns because due to cut lettuce turning brown.  Since they no longer lost money on returns, their profits immediately increased by 20%, and they were able to change from a seven day per week operation to six.