Health Care

Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems Advantages for Health Care Facilities

Health CareHealth Care Facilities have always fought an increasingly difficult battle against infection by pathogens.  This makes the advantages of ozone being the strongest, safest, and fastest disinfection agent available quite attractive to the health care industry.  As well as its strength, speed, and safety, ozone provides the widest possible spectrum of disinfection.  Chlorine simply cannot provide reliable kills for pathogens such as Hepatitis A, norovirus, and cryptosporidium, but ozone does.  And one of the most significant challenges of all within the health care industry today is the increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria, like flesh-eating strains such as MRSA.  Due to the way ozone destroys the bacterial cell wall, bacteria cannot ever develop resistance to ozone.

Within health care facilities, ozone would be most widely used as a general surface disinfection agent.  And since ozone creates no hazardous by-products and leaves no residue, it offers substantial benefits over traditional harsh chemical disinfectants.

One of the prime candidates for adoption of system-wide installation would be assisted living care facilities.  Many of these facilities have private or semi-private rooms with bedridden patients for whom infection is a major concern.  Installation of Eco-Safe's smallest single-sink system for each room would provide an immediate, dramatic improvement in sanitation for chemical-free disinfection of any surface.  Ozonated water is also an especially beneficial treatment for many dermatological conditions.  And many elderly patients have conditions of incontinence with attendant odor problems.  Sponge baths with ozonated water can both disinfect and destroy odors immediately.