BACTERIA: The Endless Enemy
OZONE: The Perfect Bullet

OZONE Reduces your LIABILITY and increases your SHELF-LIFE.
An OZONE WATER WASH-DOWN SYSTEM can instantly kill all food-borne pathogens INCREASING YOUR SHELF-LIFE.


  • OZONE has full FDA and USDA-approval for direct-food contact applications.
  • OZONE extends the shelf life of food products from 1 to 5 days.
  • OZONE kills E. Coli 3,100 times faster than chlorine while killing all odors.
  • OZONE is the most powerful broad-spectrum microbiological control agent. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • OZONE kills all common Food Pathogens: E-coli, Listeria, Shigella, Salmonella, and Hepatitis-A.
  • OZONE ELIMINATES the use of conventional disinfection agents.
  • OZONE can virtually eliminate all toxic chemical usage and produces no toxic by-products.
  • OZONE is extremely effective as a disinfectant at very low concentrations.
  • OZONE is much safer for employees than conventional chemicals.
  • OZONE is very inexpensive to produce and has an unlimited supply.

USDA/FSIS - USDA/National Organic Program (NOP) Ozone is listed in the NOP Final Rule (Subsection 205.605 (b) (20) p. 437 - Nonagricultural (non organic) substances allowed as ingredients in or on processed products labeled as "organic" or "made with organic (specified ingredients for food group(s))." (b) Synthetics allowed: (20) Ozone. The use of Ozone on raw and ready-to-eat meat and poulty products just prior to packaging is acceptable. There are no special labeling requirements in regard to treated product.


Ozone kills bacteria instantly on contact

Where Eco Safe R-1000-3S works:

Your Eco Safe R-1000-3S (for up to 3 Sinks) unit connects directly to the water line coming into your business. From that point on, every tap delivers ozonated water which will kill bacteria on contact. When employees wipe off a table with water fresh from the tap, the table-top will be disinfected, not just damp. With Eco Safe R-1000-3S when you clean a work surface, disinfection makes bacterial cross-contamination a thing of the past.

Anything your employees wash with cold water will be disinfected, including cutting boards, floors - everything!

Ozonated water is safe. and is safe for your employees. The USDA and the FDA have approved its use, and the FDA has certified ozone dissolved in water to be "Generally Recognized As Safe."

Operation is completely automatic, Eco Safe R-1000-3S turns on as soon as you turn on any faucet. The unit automatically turns off after the water is shut off.

What it Kills: Ozone kills pathogens including E.coli and other life-threatening bacteria that can enter your restaurant from food, your employees, and from sources you can't even predict. So don't take a chance with Public Health - Stay Clean with Eco Safe R-1000-3S Ozone System.


Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems Advantages for Restaurants

RestaurantsAlthough both supermarkets and restaurants are sensitive to food safety issues, liability associated with food purchased at supermarkets more often rests with growers and processors.  By contrast, restaurants provide many more opportunities for contamination during the process of food preparation.  As such, restaurants, especially restaurant chains, tend to be more aware of their responsibility for food safety.  For this reason, restaurant corporate management is often more aware of the advantages of ozone being the strongest, safest, and fastest disinfection agent available, and that it kills E.coli 3100 times faster than chlorine.  Restaurants are also subject to local health department regulations requiring National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) registration for equipment used in their facilities, which is proudly displayed on all our food industry systems. Shelf life is much less significant for restaurants than for supermarkets.  In fact many restaurant managers will claim they have no shelf life issues at all, but restaurant kitchen staff have consistently reported that shelf life is significant, and that rinsing products such as chicken provides at least an extra day of life for the product.

Rather than shelf life, restaurant management staff have reported to us that improvement in product quality is their primary benefit from using Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems.  They have consistently reported that fruits such as strawberries on their signature strawberry cheesecake have better color and crispness, salads are noticeably crisper and fresher, shrimp rinsed in ozonated water is no longer sent back for objectionable odor, and meats such as chicken have better flavor after being treated prior to cooking.  The Flagship Hotel of the Marriot chain in Palm Desert has been especially pleased with their restaurant system.  In the past, when they prepared banquets for several hundred people, they always had to prepare the salads immediately before serving, because lettuce begins turning brown almost immediately after cutting.  However, lettuce rinsed in ozonated water does not turn brown, so they are now able to prepare their banquet salads hours ahead of time, allowing them much greater flexibility in banquet preparation.

Eco-Safe restaurant clients have also been especially pleased with the odor control available from our systems.  Odors from drains can often attract fruit flies in the kitchen.  By regularly pouring ozonated water in the drains, decay odors can be easily eliminated, thereby controlling problems with fruit flies.  Bartenders in restaurants are also exceptionally grateful to have ozonated water in their work areas.  Restaurant bartenders often develop fungal infections on their hands due to frequent contact with harsh chemicals, and are delighted to use ozonated water instead, which rapidly eliminates such infections.

A summary of the many benefits of Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems for restaurants is related in a testimonial by Executive Chef Edward Ungrue on the Eco-Safe website at: