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Whether you have a large operation and need Ozone Disinfection throughout your facility, or only need disinfection at the taps, the MD-1500 or R-1000 can keep your areas safe from Bacteria and Viruses and Odor-Free.

Ozone dissolved in water is the strongest and fastest disinfection agent available, and it is SAFE!!

Approved for use by the FDA and the USDA, ozone dissolved in water has been granted the status of "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS) by the FDA.

Ozone destroys E. Coli more than 3000 times faster than chlorine in killing bacteria and is extremely effective in killing Parvovirus. (Click here to see experimental data on Parvovirus destruction.)

Waste Odors are Gone

ozoneOzone eliminates all odors from pet waste immediately. Areas plagued by foul odors for years can smell fresh and clean after the first application of ozonated water.

No More Chemicals to Buy

Eco Safe Systems USA Ozone Disinfection Systems create ozone as soon as you turn on the tap. Other than a degreaser to remove oils and grease, ozonated water can replace all your disinfection chemicals. This means you also save all the water previously used to wash away the chemical sanitizers. And ozone works best in cold water, so you reduce hot water costs.

Staff Training

Turn on the ozonated water tap, and Eco Safe Disinfection is working. There are no safety issues with ozone disinfection, because ozonated water is safe.

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