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Protect Your Family's Health

Home UnitFor the First Time Homeowners can have the Food Safety Capability previously only available in industrial facilities with the Under-Sink Eco Safe R-1000-HS.

With the safest, strongest, and fastest disinfection capability available anywhere, you can now rinse your food and utensils and know you are providing the greatest possible level of food safety for your family.

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Protect the Health of Your Family and Yourself with Eco Safe R-1000-HS

Anti-Microbial Ozone Wash-Down System for the Home

The Eco Safe R-1000-HS Water System Promotes Good Health, It Kills Bacteria & Viruses, and Best of All... It Saves Money

Eco Safe Systems USA is pleased to announce its NEW Eco Safe R-1000-HS Ozone Disinfection System that solves the problems of difficult bacterial disinfection, resistant buildup and biofilm. The bottom line is how much money Eco Safe R-1000-HS saves you.

  • Save Money
    Less Food Spoilage
  • Save Money
    No chemicals
  • Saves Money on Energy Costs
    No hot water
  • Ozone is Organic
    Reduce cleanup time and Save Money
  • Fully Approved
    Ozonated water has been approved by the USDA and FDA, even for Organic products!

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