Eco Safe Working with Whole Foods

Eco Safe - Safe without Chemicals

Have you ever noticed how fresh and clean it smells after a thunderstorm? That smell is ozone at work. When electricity is mixed with Oxygen, it creates ozone. It is considered a breakthrough in food safety, because it can kill any pathogen. In 2001, the USDA approved ozone as an organic way to disinfect.

Michael Elliot, the president of Eco Safe, says "Ozone treated water is 3,001 times faster than chlorine at disinfecting water." Mr. Elliot goes on to say "It's completely green." Eco Safe's process is simple: it runs electricity into water. Water in an ozonated state is mother nature's way of cleaning. Ashlie Gibbons of Whole Foods says that it is a "win-win" situation, "green", improving shelf life as well as disinfecting. Whole Foods currently has Eco Safe systems in 5 locations.