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Following FDA's Approval of Ozone

Ozone - the Most Effective Killer of Germs

For decades, Chlorine has been used to clean filthy fruit, such as grapefruit, of dirt and pesticides. However, this leaves a chemical residue which harms the body.

Here is another idea. Do you ever notice how fresh the air is after a thunderstorm? That’s because it’s been purified. In a storm, O2 is split into two, causing O3 , or ozone. Ozone is 3,000 times more effective than chlorine. It can be used to clean poultry, beef, and vegetables. The ozone gas can be pumped into water and sprayed over fruits, and the same water can be recycled and used again. Ozone, while new in the United States, has been used successfully for decades in Europe and Japan.