Ozone Golf Turf Treatment

Keep your Turf Green with Less Water with Eco Safe Ozone Turf Treatment

  • Ozone May Save Up To 15% on Water Usage
  • Reduced Water Allowances Demand New Solutions to
    Keep Your Course Viable
  • Ozone Improves Color of Turf
  • Oxygen is Essential to Plant Chemistry and
    Ozone Provides the Extra Oxygen Grass Needs
  • Ozone Promotes Deeper Root Growth
  • Ozonated Water Provides much Greater Percolation
    Allows Roots to Grow to Optimum Depth
  • Ozone Eliminates Dry and Wet Spots, Dry and Wet Spots Disappear with Ozone
  • Ozone Reduces Chemical and Fertilizer Costs
  • Turf Needs Less Fertilizer when it Receives More Oxygen
    Ozone also Kills Fungus & Bacteria Dangerous to Grass
  • Ozone Reduces the Frequency of Aeration
  • Over time, the Increased Percolation of Ozonated Water
    Will Reduce the Number of Times you Need to Aerate
  • Ozone Provides the Best Remediation of Reclaimed Water
  • Ozone Destroys Odors, Algae, and Bacterial Contamination



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Report on effectiveness of ozone against anthrax.


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Effectiveness of gaseous ozone tested on bacillus subtilis spores. Ozone found to be very effective, especially when used with high relative humidity. 3 log inactivation was obtained within 4 hours. Surface effects (carpet vs. hard surfaces) were also investigated.


The Practical Application Of Ozone Gas As An Antimicrobial Agent, Sharma, Manju; Hudson, James

Susceptibilities of 15 different medically important bacteria to gaseous ozone are tested.

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The Influence Of Chemical And Other Agents Upon The Toxicity And Antigenic Power, Of Ricin, Carmichael, 1928

Ozone was found to destroy ricin in animal studies.