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Wastewater Treatment

A growing number of industries are faced with rapidly rising costs of wastewater treatment. It is not uncommon for an industry to pay at least a 125% surcharge to return their wastewater into the sewage system. Dye plants, meat processing plants, produce processors and many others simply cannot afford to do business the old way of paying to dump their wastewater.

Eco-Safe Systems can be integrated into your operation to reclaim the vast majority of your total water usage. The actual amount reclaimed would be determined by specific aspects of your operation. This reclaimed water is clean--often Cleaner than the water originally supplied by your water utility. This reclaimed water can then be re-used at your plant or safely discharged into your sewage system without costly surcharges.


FDA and Industry Reports

FDA Report on Reverse Osmosis Systems

This FDA publication covers the principles and operational requirements of standard Reverse Osmosis systems. With regard to the integration of Ozone intervention in Reverse Osmosis systems, this report relates the requirement that thorough disinfection of the entire RO system is essential in producing water with acceptable bacterial counts.


Industry Report on Disinfection of Reverse Osmosis Systems

This report is prepared by General Electric and describes strategies and disinfectants capable of disinfecting Reverse Osmosis systems. In particular, Ozone is related as the only disinfectant capable of disinfection without harmful by-products. Even UV (ultra-violet) light can cause endotoxin levels to increase in product water, and UV resistant strains of bacteria may develop, requiring use of other disinfection agents.