Ozone and Your Bottom Line

Save Money with Eco Safe

We can show you how a grocery store can increase profit simply by using our Eco Safe ozone system without adding any more employees or products. Ozone is created naturally after a thunderstorm. Have you ever noticed how fresh it smells? That is ozone occurring in nature, instantly killing bacteria. We can easily re-create this by passing oxygen over an electrical spark. This is a very unique process, without any harmful byproducts.

Ozone is the silver bullet for food and water disinfectants.

Ozone is safe for humans and animals. It is good for you and can help prevent colds and flus caused by viruses.

Just by turning on the water and rinsing your produce, you will kill 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses, the culprits that cause decay and odor in rotten food. When you slow down the decay, you add to the shelf life of your produce and the produce looks better. In a survey of grocery stores that used Eco Safe, one store cut their waste by 56%. Just imagine the money you will save; Stop throwing your money away.