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Return on Investment Eco Safe Systems USA ozone water gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your food, cutting boards, counter tops, hands, floors or whatever else you choose to wash is safe from any and all bacteria and viruses such as salmonella and E.coli. Being the safest and most powerful disinfectant, it saves you money by preserving foods, replacing harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals. And since it works best in cold water, it saves you money in reduced energy costs.

The Return on Investment from Eco Safe Ozone Systems can be phenomenal! For an average Supermarket, rinsing produce in Ozonated water has proven to cut the waste that is thrown into the dumpster on a daily basis by as much as 56%, saving thousands of dollars per month. Ozone washed fish, chicken and some meats gain additional shelf life of up to three to four days longer, resulting in huge savings.

Eco Safe Ozonated Water kills E.coli three thousand times faster than chlorine, yet is totally safe for workers.

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How we calculate our numbers

Our Clients have reported direct savings greatly in excess of the purchase cost of Eco Safe products. These savings principally come from Increased Product Value, Lower Heating Costs for hot water clean-up, reduced or eliminated purchase of Cleaning Chemicals, reduced Labor Costs due to less clean-up time, and greatly reduced Wastewater Dumping Surcharges for customers reclaiming their water. For instance, a seafood processor using Eco Safe Ozone food disinfection provides a premium product to their customers which will be safer and have increased shelf-life. If a seafood processor sells 25,000 pounds of product per week, an increase in price of as little as 1 cent per pound could more than cover the monthly cost of leasing our products.

There are other savings which cannot be easily estimated, such as reduced product liability. One customer reported a 60% reduction in employee sick days, attributed to a healthier working environment. Without Ozone disinfection, food processing plants tend to have very strong odors. With Ozone disinfection, your customers will instantly notice how fresh and odor-free your business is.

Increased Product Value: Calculated as 1% of product price. This is a conservative estimate based on client feedback.
Monthly Energy Savings: Determined as 30% of your gas bill. In many cases, clients have reported that they completely eliminated hot water in their clean-up procedure.
Monthly Chemical Savings: The need for Sanitation Chemicals will certainly be reduced after switching to Ozone disinfection, and many of our customers no longer use any chemicals for clean-up. We conservatively estimate a 50% reduction in Chemical costs.
Monthly Labor Cost Savings: Labor costs associated with clean-up are often reduced by nearly 90% when using Eco Safe technology. Assuming 24 work days per month, we modestly estimate a 50% reduction in labor charges for clean-up.
Dumping Surcharge Savings: Water reclamation can easily reclaim up to 80% of your waste water, dramatically lowering any dumping charges you typically pay. This reclaimed water can then be re-used in your processing, reducing the overall amount of water you purchase. For the purpose of this calculation, we project a recovery of 80% of your wastewater dumping charges.

At Eco Safe, we want to improve your bottom line and provide better and safer products. If our technology doesn't save you money, we don't recommend you purchase it.