Natural-Clean Laundry System

Do Laundry -- Save Money

The Eco Safe Natural-Clean Ozone laundry system is simply the best and most cost-effective solution for industrial laundries. The Natural-Clean system has operated on-site to rave reviews at the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel in Waikiki and the laundry on the Ft. Shafter Army base in Hawaii. This system has also been installed the 5-Star Raffles L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

And best of all for the bottom line is how much money Natural-Clean saves. Each year of operation, the Beachcomber has saved more in operating expenses than the cost of the laundry system itself.

Natural-Clean provides a host of economic as well as aesthetic benefits to any commercial laundry.


  • Save on Hot Water Costs
    60% Reduction in Hot Water
  • Save on Cold Water, Labor, and Equipment
    Ozonated laundry requires one less rinse cycle. This means:
    • 20% less water
    • 35% Less Paid Time for Laundry Workers
    • 35% Greater Lifetime for Equipment
  • Save on Chemical and Detergent Use
    Chemical use can be cut from 15-20%.
  • Save on Linen Replacement Costs
    Hotels can expect to see increased linen lifetime from 40-50%

clean and soft

Clean and Soft Like Never Before

ozoneOzone kills both bacteria and viruses on contact. Items laundered with Natural-Clean come out with the freshness of spring sunshine and are softer than if washed with detergents. This is especially important for any guests with hypoallergenic needs.


Our premier installation system has operated successfully for the last five years. This Ozone system at the Beachcomber serves a 120 lb., one 75 lb., and five 50 lb. washers, all from a small equipment panel and a 4 foot tall tank. This laundry washes about a million pounds of laundry per year. The Natural-Clean system has the capacity of 5,000,000 pounds of laundry per year, and costs less than you save in the first year.

Ozone dissolved in water has been listed by the US Food and Drug Administration as “Generally Recognized as Safe,” and leaves no residues or harmful chemical by-products. Ozone does such an exceptional job of disinfection and cleaning that laundry wastewater can be recycled for further use.

With cleaner, fresher laundry that adds over $75,000 to the bottom line per year, it is hard to imagine reasons not to switch to Natural-Clean.


Eco Safe brand of “ Natural-Clean” has the advantage of being designed, built, installed and maintained by Eco Safe. When management cares about their Hotel guests and wants to provide and maintain the best cared-for linens in the world, they turn toNatural-Clean.”

Do Laundry, with “ Natural-Clean” for some simple additions to your bottom line.

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