Eco Safe History

Eco Safe Systems USA began as a company in 2005 in Tarzana, California after learning about a new technology using ozone dissolved in water. Michael Elliot, the founder, along with his good friends Stanley McKiernan, an attorney to handle legal matters, and Larry LaVerne, to manage sales; contacted a new company in Hawaii that was just starting in the ozone water treatment business. The discussions which followed resulted in the two companies joining forces, with the plan that Eco Safe would sell on the mainland. Eco Safe soon moved to North Hollywood, CA where they had access to a larger facility which allowed them to do research and development and manufacture their machines. It was then that they acquired the services of Dr. Dennis Harp, a theoretical physicist, to assist with research and scientific issues. Eco Safe went public in 2006 and purchased the Hawaiian company, with their head technician relocating in California to continue research and development of products. Since the use of ozone within the food industry was an emerging technology in the United States, much of Eco Safe’s efforts centered on educating potential clients of the vast benefits of ozone. Today the food industry is finally beginning to appreciate the need for ozone application during processing, and those that are using it on a day-to-day basis claim they simply cannot operate without it.