Eco Safe Introduction

Safe Food & Water for the Planet

Eco Safe Systems USA mixes ozone into cold water. This mixture has become the most powerful disinfectant and sanitizer in the world.  Ozone in water kills bacteria and viruses three thousand times better and faster than chlorine, yet is totally safe for humans and animals to drink. 

When foods are washed in Ozonated water they last longer because ozone kills ninety nine point nine percent of bacteria that it comes in contact with.  Bacteria is what causes decay and bad odors.  If you kill the bacteria, foods last longer and are safer for consumption.  Because Ozone is made out of oxygen, it leaves no residues on foods. The FDA says that you can wash organic foods in Ozone water and you don’t have to put it on the label because Ozone is all natural.

Ozone, when mixed with water, can replace many harmful chemicals  that no one wants around their food.  Ozone water is totally green.

Eco Safe Systems USA, providing safe food and water for the Planet.